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Posted on July 03 2017


There is a calling to join the new generation of AMMEHOELA kids. Go Your Own Way! Because that’s the only way!

Founder of AMMEHOELA, Anouk Bindes and Sabine Disveld had the real ‘AMMEHOELA spirit’ from the start. AMMEHOELA is a Dutch word that is used by kids. They can shout out ‘AMMEHOELA’! This means “I’ll do whatever I want whenever I want”.

Anouk and Sabine made their joint dream come true by starting up their concept-driven brand: an expressive urban city brand. Their inspiration is drawn from multiple sources such as art and music. The garments are carefully crafted with the coolest hand-illustrated prints and colour schemes. The collections are designed for kids who are just like their parents: relax and enjoy life.


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