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Aux Pays des Chouchous: Your kingdom of favorite things

Posted on March 02 2018

Aux Pays des Chouchous: Your kingdom of favorite things


When Aux Pays des Chouchous started, we envisioned being in everyone’s house and every child’s wardrobe. As our store products expanded, we thought that the best way to show them was to take them directly to you, the customers, so we decided to open a pop-up store for those that like browsing and feeling the products directly.

Following the requests we’ve received and the people that have approached us, we have opened our first pop-up shop in Aberdeen Square, an ideal location for Vancouverites looking for quality and stylish children’s clothing and accessories. 

What’s in store?

Other than what you can find on our online store our pop-up shop has new items every week from brands like Molo, Christine Rhode, Oeuf, Koh Mabby, and Honey & Toast… to name a few. If you come in store you get the chance to mix-and-match our tops and bottoms with accessories and shoes to get the perfect look for any occasion.


Having second-doubts on what you saw online? Come in store and try the item so you can feel certain that you’ve made the right choice, who knows? Maybe you end-up buying something that you never thought would look good on your adorable chouchou. 

Visit us and enter this wonderful kingdom of favorite things for your family!

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