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Aux Pays des Chouchous: Our new look

Posted on March 06 2018

Aux Pays des Chouchous: Our new look

Aux Pays des Chouchous, translated from French means “in the country of darling things”. Darling meaning favorite as everything that we hold dear to us. Our store was created with one thing in mind: offer the best & greatest designs from all over the world so that they can become unique and dear to every person that comes to our store. We’ve spent the last several months redesigning our website with the hopes that you will pass by and find your own-unique little thing.



What can you find in our online store?




A young kids-wear brand born in 2013 from two Spanish architects, Cristina Lopez-Lago and Maria Llerena, that were seeking to develop the design concepts they used in their field into the world of children. Their designs are characterized by their simplicity and clean shapes.

Christina Rohde

Established in 1991, Christina Rohde brings to our store sophisticated classic styles  that mix patterns and textures; stripes, checks and flowers in high-quality fabrics and child friendly designs.

Christina Rohde and Honey and Toast bags in Vancouver store


Honey & Toast

This brand of handmade leather goods are made in a small family factory in Somerset in South West England. Every item comes to life after being hand cut, stitched, hand stamped and beautifully packaged.  Without a doubt, this brand sets care and design to the highest, enduring quality, in order to grow with each child.

Raspberry Plum

Fun designs, the highest level of craftsmanship and top quality distinguishes their entire collection that is sourced and manufactured in Europe.

Mini melissa shoes and raspberry plum tights for children boys and girls

Mini Melissa


Born from the Brazilian brand Melissa, The Mini Melissa collection brings comfort, style and sweetness to baby girl’s feet with unique designs that melt anyone’s heart.

With over 35 brands, these are just a few of the great variety of products that you can find at both our physical and online store. All in all, our products are distinguished by their designs and premium quality.

Stop on by our online shop or one of our physical stores to experience it for yourself!

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