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Christina Rohde: Designed with delicacy

Posted on April 19 2018

Christina Rohde: Designed with delicacy

In any given company, one would send a message to contact a designer and we would face a team of Public Relations or staff answering their customers; however, Christina Rohde is the exception to the rule. We reached out to her and got an immediate response from her which proves that she is not only talented but also caring in nature, a characteristic that is reflected in her collections which are delicate, feminine, and designed with care.


The start and the challenges of a working mother

Christina Rohde started designing in 1991 when she became pregnant with her first child. In her search for clothes for her baby girl, she couldn’t find anything that she liked so, as a reflection of her care, decided to make her own. The beginning was not easy because she worked from home and like all new mothers, time constraint was an issue so she worked when her children slept or played. Her daughter, now 26 years old, is the current photographer of all her campaigns.

Several years later, she had a baby boy, so it was back to working at nap times and play time. By the time they were two years old, she sent her children to daycare and was able to work non-stop for four to five hours without interruption. It is with this dedication and care that 27 years later, we still have the beautiful designs of Christina Rohde.



The brand

After so many years of existence, one of the main challenges for her as a designer has been making time for creativity. Keeping a company running demands attention to attend meetings and managing every aspect of the brand so her favorite part, drawing and sewing, has become limited. Nevertheless, all hard work has its rewards, not only has she seen her brand grow and expand internationally but she’s managed to create items she loves, like her favorite collection which was a brown flowered print from her collection called Liberty London.

A brand like Christina Rohde can only be successful if they are strong and unique and what makes them unique is that it is engraved in their company DNA that the best work environment makes better clothes. They pay attention to having a good communication, to be nice and compliment to each other and we might add, that this truly reflects in the clothes that they create.

Her advice

We couldn’t help but to ask this great designer what her advice would be for parents who are seeking to buy clothing for their children and she gave us the greatest response “Buy from your heart and not a size up to save money.”

It was a true pleasure speaking with such a talented designer who translates her personality so well to her beautiful collection. We invite you to see her collection at our Vancouver store and decide for yourself if what we say is true.

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