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Cool Kids: Part 1

Posted on January 15 2019

Every child has their own chouchous (a term of endearment in French) that is unique to them, brought out from their own personality, experiences, and upbringing. It’s never about a certain style or design; it’s about finding your own chouchous and using the world as a stage to showcase what’s exclusive to you and only you.

Every one of us has our inner “cool” that helps us shine like a superstar, but we must first discover our roots and know what we consider special to us. For some, we also need that extra push to have it brought out.

Once you’ve unleashed that inner superstar, you’ll be noticed wherever you go. Heads will turn, people will whisper, and others will want to be just like you! You might even find yourself as someone giving advice to others.
There’s always that one person who inspires everyone. So… why not your little one?



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