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Eco-fashion: It’s impact on our children

Posted on March 13 2018

Eco-fashion: It’s impact on our children


As parents we tend to do our best to keep our children safe of harm but sometimes, we don’t realize that we are harming them by choosing clothes that have chemicals that can be absorbed by their skin. Studies have shown that the more synthetic clothing you wear, the higher the risk of absorbing toxic chemicals that can affect health conditions. 

Eco fashion has been taking more importance over the past several years with more and more brands that chose organic fibers and fair-trade labour for their products. These brands are certainly making an important contribution as it is known that the Fashion industry is the one that contributes to pollution through the use of chemicals in fabric.


Sustainable brands

There is a vast number of eco-friendly brands, here is a look at some of the ones we know:



Meaning “egg” in French, Oeuf is a Green guard gold and fair trade certified brand that sells furniture and knitwear made from 100% Alpaca wool, hypoallergenic and eco-friendly.

 The Bonnie Mob Eco Fashion Brand


The Bonnie Mob

Using only GOTS certified organic cotton, The Bonnie Mob puts sustainability over price. They use non toxic house dyes that enable them to have colorful designs that can be reused or recycled by it’s consumers.




Molo’s unique designs come with a sustainability responsibility. They work with supplies that have either a BSCi or Oeko-Tex certification. They work towards implementing the 10 Principles of UN Global Compact and make sure their suppliers adhere to the REACH regulations of the European Union, ensuring that the chemicals used are safe to use by children.

When we choose brands that are certified and eco-friendly, we are not only selecting what is best for our kid’s body but we are also contributing to them being able to have a better Earth to live on in the future.

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