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Fish+Kids Accents Kid’s Fashion

Posted on August 14 2017

Fish+Kids Accents Kid’s Fashion

At Aux Pays Des Chouchous, we take great pride in promoting global talent and well-designed goods.

We strive to focus on bringing in quality brands that enhance the lifestyle of children and their families.  

Fish + Kids, Spain

One of the kids-wear brands that is taking the world by storm is Fish + Kids in A Coruña, Spain.  Founded by Pilar Picazo, Fish + Kids gives a fresh and bold accent to children’s fashion.  Working with mainly natural fibers - such as cotton and linen - the processes of pre-product washing ensures the unique look that the brand is known for.

“The brand breathes through its washed clothing, its graphics, and its sea soul.”  ~ Fish + Kids

Fish & Kids symbolizes a return to the past and boosts simple cuts and unique graphics.  They attach great importance to “commodity and ease” when ensuring a mix-and-match ability between many of their unisex garments.

Aux Pays Des Chouchous was able to catch-up with Pilar Picazo and get the inside scoop on two of our most favourite pieces:

Yosemite Sweatshirt

Fish + Kids, Yosemite Sweater, Aux Pays Des Chouchous

APDC:  “What is the great story behind this sweatshirt?”

Pilar Picazo:  “We have used a very complicated technique to wash this; there were 3 processes of washing so that we could have this spray-coloured look.”

(Note:  To purchase the Yosemite sweatshirt, click here)

Denim Ruffle Shirt

Aux Pays Des Chouchous, Fish + Kids Denim Shirt


APDC:  “Are there specific pieces that mom’s seem to love the most?”

Pilar Picazo:  “Moms love the Denim Ruffle Shirt, and so do their little girls.  It’s feminine and we have used an amazing Korean fabric.”

(Note:  To purchase the Denim Ruffle Shirt, click here)

When shopping for children, mom’s cannot go wrong with loving the Fish + Kids brand and line of clothing.  We appreciate their commitment to making a quality product and being a leader in the children’s fashion industry.

To shop more of Fish + Kids clothing line, click here.


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