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Halloween Challenge 2020

Posted on October 31 2020


We're continuing our Halloween Costume showdown by serving you some inspired looks from our Chouchous closet. We had some great role models for our first Halloween Challenge ever so be sure to check them out! 

 Left to Right: IKKS Semi-Plain Suit Jacket, IKKS Navy Semi-Plain Trousers

They say that clothes make the man but honestly speaking, how you carry yourself creates your aura. James Bond, or commonly referred to as 007, is known for his suave and debonair flair that can convince any smooth criminal to come out from the darkness. We steamed and pressed one of our favourite suits so Ryan would come out looking sharp enough to make his bold moves. Luckily IKKS suits have been dependable for their soft textures so our little spy can comfortably roll with the times. The best part? When he's not fighting crime, he can stash his trusty tools and be Hollywood ready for any flashy occasion.

 Top Left to Bottom Right: GCDS Red Embroidered Baseball CapBlue Buttoned Denim Jacket, White Logo Tape Hoodie Sweatshirt, IDigDenim's Brent Jeans, MAA Malecon Bea Sky Jeans Converse

Bring back your walkman, we're strolling down to memory lane. This one's for the good times. We've seen how fashionable decades always seem to make its way back into our closet someway or another. The 90's took on a couple of styles over the decade with its casual dress ups and full blown grunge attire. Here, we were aiming for your nostalgic next door boyband look but we found that Ryan's outfit was coming out to be rather familiar with this day and age. So, if anybody's asking - the 90's are back. You could absolutely wear this everyday (wow-even better). 

Left to Right: IMOGA Navy Sweater , Hope Faux Fur Collar, MOLO Alon Jeans, HUNTER's Black Faux Fur Cuff Socks

We got a little dark this misty season. Not a lot of you may know of the horrors of Death Note but Ryan was styled after Ryuk, the Angel of Death that dropped a powerful notebook that caused chaos on earth. While the actual character is known for his fantastically outlandish features, we consumed some of his gothic rock elements and incorporated them with everything furry sweater, collar, and socks. Halloween is all about personal interpretations of our favourite characters. We hope that you were able to sink your teeth into a piece of these inspired looks and create something of your own!

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