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Halloween Challenge 2020

Posted on October 28 2020

With the pandemic keeping everybody indoors this Halloween, we challenged everybody to turn to the moon and summon their creative juices. We worked with two young spirits to help bring some fiction characters to life by repurposing clothing items that can be worn on multiple/everyday occasions. Here are the results with our first model, the amazing Maci. 

Left to right: Electric Green Jacket, Green Layer Skirt, Hunter's Star Cloud Rain boots

Swish and flick to the house colours of Salazar Slytherin, the greatest of the four... (but we all know Hufflepuff is where it's at). To truly embrace Slytherins' ferocious appetite to stand out spectacularly, we decided to have our model Maci sport a bolder selection from our outerwear collection. Of course, everybody knows that you need to be well prepared to explore the forbidden forests, which was why a pair of matching rubber boots was a no brainer!

Darling, if you're going to crawl into a rabbit hole, you must look the part! Disney's animated Alice has been an iconic blueprint for every other Alice that's ever stepped across the big screen. While trying to stay true to her character, we realized that the essence of Alice was a mixture of class and something whimsical of nature. Our model's dress is nothing of the ordinary, and yet it just works. It's a combination of two layers- a gradient base and an asymmetrical layered dress for flair. Our cardigan is a nod to the iconic scene of the Queen of Hearts and her grandiose garden. Finally, Alice's buckled shoes were exchanged for an elegant pair of butterfly adorned slippers by Sophia Webster. Honestly, falling into a dark hole was so yesterday. It's time to lift yourself up and out into tea party that's much more suited to your tasted.

Make room for the princess of darkness. Wednesday has always taught us to be unapologetically ourselves, so we went ahead and went all in with the items we love. Although Karl Lagerfeld doesn't necessarily scream gothic horror,  the spirit of Halloween guided us to make magic with our own interpretation. 

Barbie makes her own sparkle, which was why we weren't surprised to see Maci bring her own wind when she channeled Barbie from her core. We threw in everything pink - the dress, the furry jacket and heart shaped sling over bag. But the transformation really boiled down to attitude... just like any character you wish to recreate this spooky season. 

So what do you think? Do you think we nailed it? Or better yet, do you think you did better? Tell us what you think, or better yet show us what you've done! 

Follow #chouchoustreats for costume combination, and/or tag us @auxpaysdeschouchous on instagram to get featured!

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