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Kids Grow Up [Too] Fast!

Posted on February 06 2019

“Kids, they grow up too fast… enjoy it”

It’s probably not the first time you’ve seen or heard this line. You’ve probably also heard: 
“It’s over before you know it.”
“You’ll wake up one day and she’ll be done high school.” 

Being told these things isn’t an insinuation that one isn’t being a good parent, or that one is letting the moments slip by them. But rather, a reminder that our children truly grow up that fast – have a look at a picture just from a few months ago and look at him now! Or the pencil marks on the wall from measuring her height!

Don’t find yourself wishing you had a time machine to take yourself back to those days when your little ones were still growing up. While traveling back in time is wishful thinking, there’s one way to compensate for that: pictures, videos – and lots of them! Hold on to the tiny moments, participate in the lives of your children, and make them feel like superstars.

A happy Lunar New Year “Year of the Pig” to those who celebrate it – the APDC family wishes you great health, prosperity, and blessings! 

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