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New Beginnings This Fall

Posted on October 21 2020



It’s that time of year again. The warm evening breeze wisped into a crisp cool air. The chattering branches now waving away fluttering autumn leaves. While we anticipate the same transition of time to run its course, the changes of this year, however new or strange, are no exception to how quickly our younger ones are transforming. But fear not - what may seem like a chase around the clock is actually an opportunity to build something new; a chance to learn about ourselves, and a chance to discover our new favourite things. 

To help build beautiful memories for tomorrow, we’ve selected some of our personal favourites to compliment the orange pumpkins, the permeable ground, and the taste of hickory- or all the sensations that make this season yours in this moment and time. (We are full sensory people, can’t you tell?)
Vibrant in color sweaters. Children hoodies, jumpers, and sweaters lined up for this autumn. A selection of designer children outerwear by Mini Rodini, GCDS, MSGM, and more.

Do you know how often we can get hung up on the strange details that sometimes don’t seem to matter? Whatever they may be, they matter because they live on to be remembered by you. Add a pop of colour to brighten up the darkening days. Personally, we don’t think people go bold enough with bright colours.

Selections like GCDS & MSGM, well known Italian streetwear brands in the world of media influencers like Haily Beiber and Rita Ora, go strong with bold letters and electric colour selections. Sometimes you don’t need to raise your voice to be heard, and that’s exactly what these sweaters are meant to do for you  

Being loud doesn’t always have to mean you need to be situated in a place of discomfort. Just like the promises of sweater weather (or summer dumper jumper?), these items give you space to cozy up into. Mini Rodini has a different flair to boldness and creativity. The collection offers whimsical patterns that are often inspired by the depths of our imagination. While the designs can be easy to get lost into, the feel and quality of the fabrics is what allows us to be fully immersed in the comfort of the moment. Made with 100% soft organic cotton, Mini Rodini is a gift that helps us remember to feel good through each moment in time.


Back in Black - Timeless fashionable designs for children clothes. A grid of clothes including black jeans, sweaters, and black dresses from Scandinavian brand I Dig Denim, Imoga, and more. Locally found in Vancouver, Canada. Fall and Autumn clothes pics for children this year.

In the name of Backstreet Boy’s scary mansion and their iconic jean on jean golden times, “Oh my god, we’re back again”. Black or monochrome jeans can be anything but basic. In fact, they’ve shown to go down in history as a foundation and memorable staple in our wardrobes.  I Dig Denim is a collection from Swedish designers, who like their products, rather go with the flow and not take things too seriously. Jeans don’t have to be complex, but they darn can look great and feel great when they’re made right.

Bonus: I Dig Denim are timeless designs that focus on sustainability, unique washes and eco/organic fabrics. That’s one thing we can agree on where jeans have aged gracefully!



Children footwear and rain boots. Assorted colourful designs from Hunter Boots, Sticky Lemon, Boxbo, and more.

Being based in Vancouver, Canada, sometimes lovingly called “raincouver”, trust us  when we say we know our rain boots. It’s a must have footwear item for children, especially if they’re going off to galavant the great outdoors this fall! The feet is one of the most important parts of our body that requires extra care to keep our physical health in check. You may be familiar with Hunter  Boots, a collection born from stormy British weather, but we’ve also united with a different collection that’s from another part of the world known for its unforgiving temporal cold - Sticky Lemon (the Netherlands). Evidently with the variety of options that serve the same purposes, there are different ways to feel and experience the world around you.


Check out these classic and reliable selections, and tell us, which world did you enjoy best? 


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