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Oscars 2018: Dressing for a Grand Gala

Posted on March 01 2018

Oscars 2018: Dressing for a Grand Gala

A parade of top celebrities, dressed-up in fairy tale gowns and premium formal wear is one of the things that makes the Oscars the most expected event of the year.

As the Oscars approach, we cannot help but dream of the beautiful dresses and elegant tuxedos that will be walking down the red carpet on Sunday. This is will serve as nothing but inspiration for those of us watching from the comfort of our own home or at a reunion with family and friends. So, in honor of this event, we’ve gathered for you our top and most appropriate styles for your chouchou to show-off at any grand party or gathering.

To start off, the most important aspect of the evening is the dress. Dresses with distinctive details like those of Imoga  or Carbon Soldier that are sure to turn heads when arriving to a party. Be sure that whatever you chose fits your girl's style and is comfortable enough to last through the evening.

Party dresses for girls in Vancouver

And let us not forget, that every great dress comes with fabulous accessories, so complete your children's style with a OoahOoah headband, a fashionable bag and some great shoes like Mini-Melissa !



Need more ideas? We have a list of great styles that will make your child feel like a celebrity! 




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