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Spring-Summer 2018: What the season brings

Posted on March 20 2018

Spring-Summer 2018: What the season brings

A day away from the start of Spring and we can't wait to get rid of our coats and finally be able to enjoy the warm sun, colorful flowers and beautiful weather that come with the season.

For many, Spring is the time of renewal and change. Fashion is a perfect way to express this change with the seasonal trends that come every six months. For us parents, it is the time when we realize how much our chouchous have grown and that it is time to renew their clothes for more age and weather-appropriate ones.

So what will Spring bring this season? According to the Fashion forecasting agency Fashion Snoops, three main themes will be available during the season:


French country

Delicacy and color that will be translated into flower patterns and soft hues will adorn light fabric for this season. Every clothes will be a reminder of the beauties that the French countryside brings.



Discoveries, earthly colors, and animal patterns will make us think of how our chouchous can venture into new place to explore and discover. Comfortable fabric that will let them move as they wish with patterns that will make us think of warm and far away places.




Children’s creativity can be found with the materials they find at home or in the playground. Clothes that make us think of professional activities where craftsmanship and physical work is needed will be available throughout the season.




Never forget that no matter the trend, your chouchou’s style is unique but there will sure be many items that will adapt to your fashionable children. 


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