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The Bonnie Mob: Interview

Posted on November 01 2018

How was The Bonnie Mob born? Was there an “aha!” moment or was it a thought that slowly evolved?
 I started The bonnie mob 13 years ago when I was pregnant with my daughter Alice, I trained in womenswear and worked as a knitwear designer at Sonia Rykiel in Paris for 10 years. At the time there were very few designer babywear brands, I was looking for good quality knits to buy my baby, and couldn’t find anything.  After a few months research, I began to formulate the idea and, using my design knowledge and contacts from my days in Paris, I launched a little collection of luxury knits for babies. I based this on a belief that baby clothing should be well designed, made from good quality fabrics and made to be loved and passed down to others, just like the clothes of my childhood. 

What has been the main challenge of The Bonnie Mob as a company, as a designer, and as a working mother?
 Running your own small business is full of challenges, each day brings a new question and sometimes those questions are very difficult to answer, especially in the early days when my children were babies and I was trying to juggle the business from a small back bedroom in my house. I have always found the design part easy as that is my strength, but the business side of things has been a steep learning curve and taken me out of my comfort zone. I’ve learned so much over the last 13 years. Learning new things keeps me on my toes, and keeps things interesting. 
What would you say is the aspect or quality that all other brands could learn from yours?
Stay focused, don’t get sidetracked by what others are doing and stay true to your core beliefs. 
Of all the designs you have created since you’ve started, is there one that you recollect as being your all-time favourite and why?
I think my all time favourite must be our ‘apple of daddy’s eye’ intarsia sweater. It was one of my first designs. At the time Gwyneth Paltrow had just had her daughter Apple, my friend worked in music PR and passed on a sweater to Chris Martin. Gwyneth loved it and ordered the whole collection! It was an amazing endorsement and catapulted the brand into the press pages! I saw it as such a lucky charm that I adopted the ‘apple’ as our logo.
Is there any advice or a message that you would like to give parents when shopping for clothes and accessories for their children?
Buy once and buy well, I’ve never believed in fast fashion and right now the throwaway side of fashion does seem out of control! The fashion industry is one of the largest polluters of our planet and we need to buy better. If you can, buy a garment that you know will last, pass it down to other children and try to reduce your consumption of nylon and polyester clothing. Those items are never going to degrade and will pollute our planet as much as plastic bags. 
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