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The look of a unique relationship

Posted on March 07 2018

The look of a unique relationship

From the day our children are born, a unique relationship forms. One that is incomparable to everything else and that is fostered in order for children to have the confidence and courage to grow up and move into the world by themselves. They inherit some of our physical and personality traits and with time, they define who they are. With our guidance, children are capable of doing unimaginable things and are able to express their unique personality.


One way in which we guide them but aren’t really aware is through clothing. Children take-in everything they see and so even the way we dress and take care of ourselves is absorbed by their small minds. Clothes convey a message, and just as words, they have to be carefully crafted to tell the world who we are without uttering a single word.

Most people think that clothing is an area left to people who love Fashion but, in reality, picking up clothes for our children is more a matter of looking for the items that will make them feel comfortable, happy and proud of wearing something that reflects their personalities.

makeup for girls and faux fur coat

Whether you are looking for tops, bottoms, accessories or shoes. Our advice is that you look for quality items that will work well with your child’s lifestyle and a style that speaks about them.  Do not worry if in the end you find out seeing that they dress like you, after all, children always look up to their parents!



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