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Honey & Toast is a range of leather accessories designed to meet the high expectations of both children and parents. The brand is born from a love of print and accessories. Each piece in the Honey & Toast collection has been designed and carefully developed to be of the highest, enduring quality, in order to grow with your child, telling and celebrating the tale of their daily life and adventures. 

Print and colour are very important to us at H&T. Our print designs are inspired by our most favourite adventures such as the monsters and rockets in our Space print. Our Garden print tells the story of happy times pottering about in the back yard.  And the Leopard - in supercool  grey, mustard yellow and teal.

All of our bags are made in Somerset in a small family run factory. Each piece begins life by being hand cut, then stitched, hand stamped with our logo, rivets applied and then beautifully packaged into a Honey & Toast dustbag. The printed leather comes from the Midlands, and the solid colours are sourced from Holland. We are trying hard to keep our footprint as small as possible.

Last but not least, we love that our prints are unisex - something we think might be missing out there right now.


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