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Tassen (PRE-ORDER)

Tassen Storage Jars

$68.90 CAD


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Our beautiful storage jars are the latest addition to our selection of kitchen equipment.

Useful as a cookie jar but also for safekeeping all kinds of wonderful trinkets and collector’s items.

The decorative cork lid allows stacking several jars on top of each other. The jar is perfect for storing and serving snacks, sweets, and pralines. It also keeps your tea, coffee and spices. Without the lid, the jar can hold silverware and napkins. Aside from all this usefulness, the little charmer also strikes a pose as a decorative item.

You want decorative and functional? How about both?! Take one home today (or two, for stacking).

Disclaimer: The cork lid is a thing of natural beauty, so please don’t throw it in the dishwasher. Only hand-wash with warm water and it will enjoy a long lifespan of usefulness. The porcelain jar itself, much like all our other porcelain products, is fully microwave- and dishwasher-safe.

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